“Spark1.0”- Movie Review

“Spark1.0”- Movie Review



“Spark1.0”- Movie Review

Starring: Pretei Sundar, Bhavyasri, Hitendra, Ramu etc..
D.O.P: Gopi(Amitab)
Editor: Anilkumar
Produced by : V.Hitendra(Munna)
Story,Screenplay & Directed by : Suresh Mapoor
Release Date:  21 st  october, 2022
Rating: 3.25/5

After creating a lot of buzz with its posters & publicity, Spark 1.0 has finallt hit the screens all over today. Lets see whether it manages to impress us or not….

Story :
The story begins with a powerful police officer Ms. Jhansi with action fight. She took up of crime investigation of a new case and trying to figure out the reasons and collecting the evidences behind a phycho doctor who killing the nurses after brutally raped them. In this process, some unwanted incidents happen , Jhansi herself accused in a murder case and another powerful police officer Ms. Bhavya arrested her for investigation. What are these unexplained incidents ? How does her personal life gets affected by these mysteries?
Can Bhavya solve the case ? How she handle the case..? Who is actually enemy behind this mystery murders ? The answers to these questions form the core plot of the movie…

Plus Points:
Preetei Sundar shines right from the word go in what-could-be the most challenging role in her career. Her intense performance in some scenes add a whole lot of depth to the movie and rake up the excitement factor. She looks really good in her makeover and her new look suits her quite well. Bhavyasri is another big asset to the movie as her mannerisms and physique as a police officer are perfect. Bhavyasri came up with matured performance and she stays true to her role and does a superb job. Both heroines given some glamour glam touch in decent way. All others Mr. Hitendra, Ramu & suresh gets a crisp role and delivered what was needed to script in a right way. The core plot of the movie id intriguing and offers a new experience to the viewers. The interval block packs a solid and ups the ante with a key twist in the tale. Claimax of the movie showcased with Quality VFX.

Minus Points:
The initial stages of the movie have been slightly dragged and later screen play is very fast. Fictional horror is infused with realistic drama in the climax. A more detailed and convincing explanation could have worked wonders for the movie. Editing done in a decent manner with good screenplay. Director Mr. Suresh Mapoor succeeds most of the time with his narration. The premise chosen, his narration and many scenes written throughout are unpredictable.

Technical Aspects:
Camera work by D.O.P Mr. Gopi(Amitab) is quite impressive. The mood that needs to be generated for every horror film has been carried out quite nicely through his brilliant lighting. Production values are good. Music is a big plus as the thumping background score elevate a few scenes to a whole new level.

On the whole, the movie is action entertainer promises to have lots of twists, thrills, and turns. Good to watch for its suspense and action elements.
Ratinng : 3.25/5