Dhwani movie review

Dhwani movie review

Dhwani Movie Review


Heroes: Ravindra reddy , vinay panigrahi, thrinath varma,
heroines: swathi mandhadi, bhavana sagi
producers : sai sadana nannapaneni, sana parama krsihna
direction: nani sana
cinematography: shashank sriram
music: prathik abhyankar, anand nambiar
release date: may 20-2022
rating : 3.5\5

120DB Dhwani gained positive response among other box office movies released this Friday on 20th May and is slowing growing among audience due to it’s unique concept as the first telugu sound based movie.
Leaving aside this unique concept, the movie is made by debutant director and some fresh faces.
The plot captivates the viewer with its special screenplay by unfolding multiple twists, keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie.

 story line:
The story revolves around a mysterious and brutal attack which curses Arun, an ENT specialist with extra sensitive hearing problem and his wife killed. He along with his friends unravel the secret behind the attack.

technical aspects:
Pratik Abhyankar’s heart-stirring music will be cherished, celebrated and championed for years to come.
Anand Nambiar’s composed electrifying BGM and the world will fall in love with the riveting BGM he created for 120db Dhwani. Shashank Sri Ram’s cinematography is treat to eyes.  Nani Sana’s taut screenplay and razor sharp direction will make you go awestruck.

artist’s performances:
Vinay Pranigrahi, totally lived it in his character as Arun. The way he nailed every single emotion in the film.
Trinadh Varma acting as Sagar stands out in the film. The way he fights for society and his friend stands out to be one of the highlights of the film. Ravindra Reddy who played Kiran character carried off multiple emotions as Lover boy and a great friend with ease. Actress Swathi as Chitra did a wonderful job with her acting.  Bhavana Sagi who played Sara gave a stylish performance.

120DB Dhwani which was released this Friday on May 20th is attracting audience with good reviews. Overall, the whole cast and crew has produced one of those Telugu movies which introduces a different genre to the industry, worth watching. dont miss…go and watch.