Liberals Love Trump’s Tax Plan… When Told It’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan

this week Donald Trump released his new tax plan which was immediately shot down by his political opponents on the left but what would those same people think if they were told that that tax plan was actually Bernie Sanders plan today we’re at George Washington University in Washington DC to find out what were your thoughts on Trump’s tax plan when you saw it oh it’s very it’s better for the upper class than anyone else pretty much a horrible for the middle class especially the lower class I mean not ideal it’s probably not the most efficient nor beneficial to the general populace so Bernie Sanders came out with his plan some people call the compassionate alternative so we’re getting opinions on Bernie’s plan first one of Bernie Sanders plans is to enhance the child tax credit which is tax money given back to families when they have children what do you think of that positive or negative positive all right same I was a social worker so I understand how importing tax credits like that our parents have children go through a lot and I think giving back money some really in turn helps the children I think that’s great I think that’s positive definitely positive definitely next up eliminating the death tax so when people die it’s a large tax on their a state that goes there family what do you think of that I think that’s definitely something that we should be doing I do think that’s a good idea cuz I’m from New Jersey well you sound like a really heavy inheritance tax on paper but I’m safe I’m more positive I think I agree with that Bernie is planning to lower the small business tax rate to a maximum of 25 percent that’s a positive or negative I definitely that’s a positive I feel very positively toward that my family has a small business so I would definitely think that’s a positive thing taxing them less makes more sense any way we can help small businesses work and like drive it’s definitely something that’s beneficial for the country I think that would be great overall main idea of the plan what do you think Bernie did a good job bad job I think overall good yeah yeah good job job Bernie I think it’s a definitely good plan a positive plan that can help everyone it was pretty good like definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing I would make that leap right there so what if I told you this actually is Donald Trump’s tax plan not Murray’s you got me it is it’s the trust plan hello darkness my old friend all these are actually Trump’s ideas this is actually Trump’s plan well I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things I’m definitely happily surprised that it’s it like sounds a lot better than I would have expected it to I would have imagined he would be a little more stupid than that okay so but it’s not super plan no I don’t think so but I think if you said it was Trump at least for many people would be more opposition to it just because it was Joey it could be a policy of giving the ice cream but if it’s Trump I’d be like what’s in that ice cream I definitely think there’s an initial bias I mean I’ve done it myself like I’ll just a cure the word Trump was like oh I don’t think that something be like need to be like looked over people once it’s here Trump or like Republican they become like oh they stopped no matter what I think people definitely has a name and start to think things automatically and also because a lot of people just go to the same new source of the same media it makes it tough to get other points of views