APA Format Google Docs

today we’re going to look at how to format a APA paper using Google Docs so I opened up a blank document I’m going to give my document a title real quick there are a couple of things we have to set up beforehand APA requires a running header this is different on the first page that it is on the following page so we’ll start by setting up that running header and to do that you simply double click up at the top of the document and it will open up the header function and so here you can see a couple of things going on one and this is all the way up at the top of the document you don’t want it up that high so go ahead and enter twice and then we’re going to go ahead and type in the words running head and a colon and this is what will only be on your first page so we will also want to make sure and click different first page header because this one that’s right when you do that if you don’t do that first it starts over running head and I accidentally capitalized the H according to APA only the art in running is capitalized after that we’ll have a comb and then you’re going to type in the title of your paper you’re going to type it in not like this but in all caps and you’re only going to type in the first 50 characters if your if your title is longer than only use the first caret 50 characters you can course stop at the end of a word leaving half a word is kind of not very good um the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to insert a page number come on in third and so we need to insert the page number and here we’re just going to put it I just select the first one we also we want that to be over on the right hand side so I’m simply going to tab tab tab tab until it gets all the way over there I don’t want it all the way at the end so notice this ends up right about above the six and that’s fine and then finally I’m going to highlight everything and I need to change this to Times New Roman APA prefers Times New Roman and it prefers 12-point font so once I change the font you notice that kind of moved over but then it moved it back all right so now once I’ve typed in running head my title of course move down a few spaces put in the page number and scooted that over put it all in Times New Roman 12 point and said different first page header footer I’m good to go with my header for my first page now the thing is is the second page and following all have different a different heading so I’m going to go ahead and insert a page break and that way here it’s using what I had typed in initially but you go ahead and type in up now I almost did it in regular but we wanted in caps lock your title your 1550 characters and then notice this scooted my number down I want to make sure it’s on the same line I’m just going to hit delete a couple of times and then of course tab it over I’m really looking at the arrow right here and I want it right under the six because that will leave room if I do happen to paint right a paper that goes over um ten pages I end up in double digits then it’s not going to just automatically wrap wrap and again same process I want to make sure this is in Times New Roman and in 12.1 oh and then if it comes back if it wraps double check that because whatever that looks like now it will always look like once that’s done I’m good to go in terms of my headings I click out of the header box and then I’m back in the regular space now we can go back up here and format and so you’ll know this spiffy title one we can go ahead and format our title page to do this I’m going to make this a little smaller so we can look at the whole page itself and that helps quite a bit in what you want to do is you want to move this down so that you’ll take a look at it here’s our page we want to enter there are those tabs there and we want to enter to learn approximately in the middle of the page I’ve never known anyone that measured I’m sure if you have a teacher professor who is that picky he or she will let you know exactly so many inches this area we’re going to send to this of course and we’re going to have our title now the only place by titles and all caps is in these headers so here it is this going to be major words capitalized you can have a two line title often a two line title and an academic paper will have something that’s like the topic or the point and then another part that’s fun which one comes first just depends on what you like what’s your what what perch about a look at titles fruit see ages I know that kind of messes up that fifty line rule I mean fifty character rule with enter but this is just an example after your title you’re going to have of your name first name and your last name if you have a middle of initial we’ll put that in there you sure can and then right after that you want to go ahead and put in the um how would your University you attend and going to spell it out um no shortcuts and spell correctly that’s always a good thing wins the hearts of English teachers all over the world I can tell you from experience I may not be able to spell well but I can tell when things are spelled wrong now what I’m going to do is Oh first a woman to go back in and get rid of about half of these lines because the one thing I didn’t do was I didn’t double-spaced so I’m going to hit control a that selects everything I’m gonna go ahead and move this back up to 100% so we can look at the whole thing and then I’m going to tell it to go to of course Arial not Arial I’m kind of new roman and twelve so control a selects everything that means every spaces in this document has been selected so after this point everything should be in in my Times New Roman in my 12-point font and there are a couple of other things I didn’t do one is so this is a single space we want to make sure that the whole thing is I’m going to go back and do control a which again will collect everything and tell it to double space unlike in word Google does not add extra space before after your paragraph so you don’t have to fix that the final thing we need on this title page is and see there I just use ctrl and scroll down as using my mouse you can use ctrl + minus on your keyboard and that will um make your image is smaller than the bigger and that way you can see what it looks like and this is visual proof reading in the end with your documents do this so that you can see what it looks like because that’s the first thing anybody reads and only the words on the paper they read what it looks like and if it looks like an APA paper and that’s what your teacher wanted you look even better this is the author note and here you put the course that you’re preparing this for so this was prepared for English this paper was prepared for English 1301 taught by professor foot um you can just last name or you could use the professor’s first and last name if you want so that’s all that says author note this paper was prepared for sometimes you’ll see this up higher APA does not give any definitive rules on on whether that’s better or not okay control-enter just going to give me that hard page and you’ll notice there’s my sissy cut sometimes you will be required to do an abstract so you’ll have your abstract here and then after that you will just put in your paragraph that summarizes your paper so this is something you come back and do once you have completed your paper and it’s just a paragraph about 250 words what’s your main point went um what do you mean what’s your thesis your main point what are your different sub points just put in the smooth paragraph in the end if it’s a persuasive paper argumentative paper what was your final decision about that after your abstract again we’ll end up inserting another I’m going to go back to that there are different regular-size and we’ll go ahead and insert another page so we have our author note we have our abstract we fill this out a little bit form then a few more words late later on show you a few things so copy that just copy it some professors do like you to have key words in which case you go down here and enter once you’re done with your abstract and in italics key words : and um turn your italics off and then put in your idols Meg that’s Richard or whatever your keywords are so one of the kind of main topics overall um after that again to do your abstract you want to make sure you write your paper first so go ahead and go through and put in abstract and then you can just put in a page break and this puts us on page three where you will again type your title but remember it’s only going to be in regular case not in all caps and I don’t even remember what the subtitle I put in but if you have a title and a subtitle you do that enter left align and start your paper tab do not put in any extra spaces do not it make your title bold italics change the font and Creed unity that you’re working too hard and life is rough enough so keep it simple if you have headings in your paper APA has a standard for how you format these headings I will show you the one if you have major headings if you have a real short paper you really don’t need headings but let’s say you have a longer a three and a half four you’re hitting over five pages anything above that you might want to have some headings do not put ahead and clear introduction as the APA manual points out it’s an introduction so it’s really just about what they say your first level of heading would be in centered and in bold history of titles um and then after that again it’s kind of the same um same thing Oh too soon make sure in central’s that heading and then after that then we go back and we left alive and of course we have some words we have some words say you come to another section then again it’s going to be just the same way if you have a subsection and we have history of title and you want to cover the beginning of writing the Renaissance of modern age whatever there is a format for doing that so consult the APA book for a good website on that and that will give you the lowdown one of the things if you are using research of course you are going to need to if you’re using research you’re going to need to make sure that you control enter always gives you a hard page okay or insert page but if you’re using research you’re going to need to make sure that you use your references and one of the things that I do when I write a paper that I’m using sources for is I go ahead and type in my title my you know then notice how that didn’t Center it’s because I had a tab in there and so um but I go ahead and type in my title page I do all sorts of things like that it’s going to set up and then I’ll put in an empty page at the end and going to type references and enter notice this is not bold nothing big anything like that left and then when you go back and that way as I’m typing my paper when I use a source I can just scroll down to this last page and if either inserted a page break or press control injury will always say is the last page and then I can type in my reference and then I go back to writing my paper type in my reference so let’s suppose that we’ve done this remember the references will be alphabetical based on whatever is first so for example here this is a so this one should actually be right here should be first so make sure you do that alphabetizing keep those things straight that’s I mean there’s little details but these things are really importantly in terms of your reader just remember your teachers have read paper after paper after paper and when you screw this stuff up and make it harder for them to find what sources you’re using what you’re doing it doesn’t make them happy campers and they may love their job I love my job but it me and it’s still a job and it’s still work to do so anything you can do to make that job smoother it makes a difference I need to format these in a Chinese dinner once I’ve got you know them alphabetical and I make sure I do them right you can use a citation machine online just double-check it with a book or a good source in the end is your grade in order to format these though with this hanging indent because you can see it’s hard to kind of tell where one begins and the other ends have to look over here what we want is we want the second and any hallowing lines of each citation to be scooted over I’m going to go up here to the little indention thing it shows where our margins are at and this is theirs you can see there’s a triangle and there’s a rectangle and so I’m just going to put this on the triangle and I’m gonna move it over to what it is is it’s a half-inch mark so it’s the big one in the middle of the margin and the one now that’s good is it all over what I want is I want the first line of each reference to begin right on the margin so now I’m going to go up and grab the rectangle right on the top of this and I’m just going to scoot it back over to zero watch this si hanging indent once I do one when I go in here and say I have another citation I’m writing my paper and I’m like okay slide it I can enter wherever it goes you know look out for betta CLE do this you’re going along type in my citation and if I’m doing it inside of what sorry this format is this way it will always give me that hanging indent so those are the basic kind of things you need to know for formatting your APA paper I want to kind of make it smaller and let’s take a look remember once you’re done with your paper find a good sample whether it’s in one of your textbook or online and just visually proofread it look at it because it is one of the first things that any reader will notice and will look at so if you do that and you have visually proofread your paper you got to still work on your words and everything but it will make a difference so we have that running head look visually proofreading it so if I can see my one has flipped over here so I can go back up here and get rid of the tab put it right back there points already I’ve got my title I’ve got my name my college so it was prepared for once I’m done with the paper if I need an abstract I’ll come back and just type up a 200 250 word summary of my papers what did I say overall and then of course I’ve got my paper if I have any headings I’ve treated those correctly and then I have my references page an advanced I’m an extra page in here whether you inserted a page break or not if you ever want to get rid of it just backspace out even if my paper ends at the middle of the page I want to make sure my references are a separate page so there’s where that’s why putting in that page break or hitting ctrl enter which is a page break helps out a lot alright I hope this gives you a good start on formatting your APA paper you